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Meet Our Team

Our team is small, but we are dedicated and willing to listen.


Josh Wennes
I've been interested in the paranormal for the better part of 6 years now.  My own personal experiences got me interested.  As a child I experienced the playful side and as an adult, I experienced violence from the paranormal.  I remain skeptical, but open minded about my experiences.  Right now, I'm going to school at SDSM&T for paleontology.  I work 3 different part time jobs around town.  I'm a very open-minded individual, with a love of helping people in need.  In the paranormal, I have taken an interest in Demonology.  I do not consider myself a demonologist, or as someone who can rid a place of demons.  I simply have a knowledge and interest.  Feel free to contact us, we're ready to listen.

Erik Tilton
My interest in the paranormal, stems from a long history of personal experiences. I started searching for answers from a spiritual stand point, to explain what I felt I was experiencing. Finding no one way, that seemed to cover what I came to believe, I became rather eclectic. This gives me the ability to understand how others may feel and view what may be happening.  I now work within the scientific approach. More of a prove it to me attitude. Looking for natural occurrences to explain things. I find it fun and exciting. Outside of BHPI, I am very much into racing. More notably World of Outlaws and NASCAR. I really enjoy music listening/playing. I also, enjoy reading and researching things of interest as well.


Susan Parsons
The Paranormal is something has sparked my interest since I was in grade school. I always loved hearing other people's ghost stories.
I had always been half believer, half skeptic. I have had a few personal experiences, but I have never been able to figure out if it was just circumstance
or something Paranormal at work. My life outside hunting for ghosts consists of spending time with my husband and baby boy. I also love to read non-fiction books, and spend time outdoors.


Amanda Barrett


My interest in the paranormal comes just from plain curiosity.  I tend to be analytical.  I'm a student going BHSU for elementary education.  I've been very active in the rodeo and 4-H scene in the past.  I'm a diehard Yankees fan, and am originally from New York.  I've lived in South Dakota for 6 years now.


Mark Rowland


I've always had an interest in the supernatural and paranormal.
Sparked mostly from personal experiences and the experiences
told to me by friends and family. I'm always trying to find that
logical explanation but, sometimes you just can't. Outside of
paranormal investigating I'm a die hard hockey fan and amatuer
player. I also enjoy crafts and have been known to fill the Black
Hills with the haunting music of the bagpipes.